– What a bicanca! – the people apparently exclaimed centuries ago, when faced with the nesting of a fantastic bird with a remarkable long beak, in the village of Aguiar da Beira. It was after that saying of amazement that the name of Cabicanca originated, a fantastic being that influenced the popular imagination to the point that people from Aguiar were also called cabicancas. The Cabicanca story is a legend, and legends are narratives with a fund of truth; however, how true were these events recorded in the collective memory?

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The author, Tiago Cardoso, is a native and resident of Vale da Amoreira. He holds a degree in Forestry Engineering and Natural Resources from the Instituto Superior de Agronomia. He is interested in folklore, mythology, and non-fictional mysteries of various types (namely unexplained disappearances and cryptozoology), subjects in which the focuses most of his reading and research over the Internet. He writes both fiction and non-fiction, having already collaborated with Portugal Num Mapa (see here) a site that promotes Portugal and its culture, places, and nature.