This is the most complex and intriguing case of ovnilogy investigated by GIFI. Among the investigation team there was never a full consensus between those who emphasized the risk of the account having been, at least, distorted by the main witness, while relying on the silence of the other witnesses, her very close relatives, and those who prioritized the observation of the high degree of strangeness of the phenomenon, which seems to have transcended the witnesses’ capacity of comprehension, confusing them, and motivating an especially intense and disturbing individual experience.

The story can be summarized in the following way.

On 8 July 1990, a couple and a family member were travelling by car during the early morning, from Minho to Figueira da Foz, where the couple resides.

Right after 4 a.m., they were driving along the National Road 109 from Aveiro to Figueira da Foz, when a few kilometers from Tocha, the driver and the passenger in the back seat noticed, on their left, a luminous object moving close to the ground, in some corn fields that flanked the road and came towards it.

They realized it was a kind of cube, with luminous white edges, where red lights could also be seen, there was a kind of smoke inside it, transparent, and with a dark, curved shape at the top.

They observed, speechless in shock, as the object came to the side of the road, when the car was about to reach the intersection. The driver confirmed that they object suddenly disappeared, but the other witness in the back states that it remained there, after the vehicle passed by it at low speed.

At the same time, the passenger who was in the front seat, looking at the opposite side of the road, observed a round luminous object, about two palms in length, moving beside the car, over some telecommunication wires that flank the road, about four meters from the ground. She is convinced of the sudden disappearance of this light.

When they return to the place of observation, about a month later, they conclude that it was the place where the observation occurred, but strong doubts arise about the place where the observation started. It is because several kilometers behind, there is another place that coincides with their memories related to the moment in which they started to observe these strange lights.   What is even stranger, they do not recall passing by Mira, whose center is crossed by the national road, and which is a much more representative village for the family, as it is usually a reference point on the regular trips they make along that route.